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Thierry Breton

COMMISSIONER (2019-2024)  

Thierry Breton
Internal Market

Email: cab-breton-contactatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (cab-breton-contact[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)

Address: Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200, 1049 Brussels, Belgium

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  • Guarantee the smooth functioning of the single market, including the free movement of goods and services, both online and in the physical world.
  • Help small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups grow, expand and employ more people, including through improved access to finance.
  • Establish a level playing field across the single market and address distortive effects of foreign subsidies, in particular in relation to public procurement.
  • Devise a comprehensive long-term strategy to help European industry lead the green and digital transition while ensuring fair competition.
  • Ensure European industry's full input to climate-neutrality by 2050 and a circular economy.
  • Enhancing Europe’s technological sovereignty by putting the right policies and investment in place eg in the areas of data, artificial intelligence, 5G, defence and space technology.  
  • Leading on a new Digital Services Act to reinforce the single market for digital services, clarify obligations of online platforms, and give smaller businesses legal clarity and a level playing field.
  • Strengthen Europe’s cybersecurity, using certification, security of network and information systems, rapid emergency response strategies, and a joint Cyber Unit.
  • Strengthen EU tools to prevent and counter disinformation and fake information online, while preserving freedom of expression, freedom of the press and media pluralism.
  • Contribute to an updated Digital Education Action Plan to equip young people and adults with the skills they need for life and work in the digital age.
  • Ensure EU intellectual property regime is coherent, competitive and fit for the digital age.
  • Implement the European Defence Fund and the Action Plan on Military Mobility.
  • Foster a strong and innovative space industry, maintaining the EU's autonomous, reliable and cost-effective access to space.
  • Improve the crucial link between space, defence and security.

Mission letter

President von der Leyen's mission letter to Thierry Breton


European Parliament hearings

Thierry Breton's answers to the European Parliament questionnaire


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Le Commissaire Thierry Breton prononce un discours dans la Session nationale de l’Institut des hautes études de défense nationale (IHEDN)
  • Paris, France


As part of the Commission’s commitment to transparency, Commissioners and their members of Cabinet publish information on meetings held with organisations or self-employed individuals.

In line with the Commission's Code of Conduct for Members of the Commission, each Commissioner publishes a Declaration of Interests.

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  1. 2019 - present
    European Commissioner for Internal Market
  2. 2008-2019
    CEO of Atos
  3. 2007-2008
    Professor (Leadership and corporate accountability), Harvard University
  4. 2005-2007
    Minister for Economy, Finance and Industry
  5. 2002-2005
    CEO of France Telecom
  6. 1997-2002
    CEO of Thomson Multimedia
  7. 1993-1997
    Director for Strategy and Development, then Director-General of Bull
  8. 1986-1992
    Elected Vice-President of the Poitou-Charentes region
Thierry Breton's biography


Declaration of interests

19 FEBRUARY 2024
Déclaration d'intérêts - Thierry Breton